Coping with Information Deluge

Poster presentato nel corso della IAEG Conference 2014 che si è tenuta a Torino nel settembre 2014.

Il poster illustra i contenuti del paper pubblicato nei conference proceedings.


Clear and correct information on hazards and Disaster Resilience (DR) is crucial. But the ‘‘web era’’ changed the information models of production and distribution, allowing citizens to take part in the overall process; and this change is having a strong impact also in DR Information. Validated scientific information on natural hazards, far from being a common
heritage, requires both a high degree of cooperation and a wide interdisciplinary approach. It involves experts, scientists, practitioners, civil servants, citizens, volunteers and media representatives. This complexity should be considered, without raising barriers, but avoiding the risk of misleading or «unsafe» information spreading, fostering a true
information preparedness, through a collaborative-knowledge building approach. DR Information is a key element all along the disaster cycle: from preparedness to disaster reduction, and the challenge is to organize data and information by adopting a user-centred approach. We envisage an open approach to structured knowledge so to benefit from web tools (including
Social Media) and to build precision and shared understanding. In this perspective, a joint team UNITO-NatRisk and CNR IIA conceived a web project ‘‘Natural Hazards Wikisaurus’’ (NHW), whose aim is to sustain and support a shared understanding through the implementation of an augmented «terminology tool»: a collaborative digital source of validated information and knowledge on Natural Hazards and Civil Protection.

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