The Silent Buzz of Geosciences

Abstract The Silent Buzz of Geosciences The Challenge of Geosciences Communication in the Italian Framework Whenever an emergency happens the sophisticated mechanism of risk communication get jammed. The pervasiveness and speed of information, which runs on web and falls on traditional media, has the effect of a flood, bringing to light fractures and fragilities of […]

Open Geoscience Knowledge

Open Geoscience Knowledge Egu2014 from NH Wikisaurus Abstract Session NH9.8 Geoethics: Ethical Challenges In Communication, Geoeducation And Management of Natural Hazards Convener: Silvia Peppoloni Co-Conveners: Susan W. Kieffer , Eduardo Marone , Yuriy Kostyuchenko , Joel Gill ORAL PRESENTATION Authors: Elena Rapisardi – UNITO, NatRisk, Sabina Di Franco – CNR IIA Presenter: Elena Rapisardi Link»

Coping with Information Deluge

Poster presentato nel corso della IAEG Conference 2014 che si è tenuta a Torino nel settembre 2014. Il poster illustra i contenuti del paper pubblicato nei conference proceedings. Abstract Clear and correct information on hazards and Disaster Resilience (DR) is crucial. But the ‘‘web era’’ changed the information models of production and distribution, allowing citizens […]